Court Determined ALJ Erred and Awarded Disability Benefits

ssdisabilitylawThe Social Security Disability Lawyers (Opelika, AL) of Carmichael Law Group LLC are pleased to announce in Sweetwyne v. Colvin, 3:15-CV-218 (M.D. Ala. April 29, 2016), the Honorable Judge Coody for the Middle District of Alabama held that the ALJ committed reversible error by failing to apply the RFC (residual functional capacity) correctly in finding jobs that claimant could potentially perform. Based on the RFC adopted by the ALJ, the vocational expert testified that the plaintiff could not perform his past relevant work and no jobs existed in the national economy that the plaintiff could perform.

Carmichael Law Group Disability Attorney Brian Carmichael argued “based on the vocational expert’s interrogatories and the RFC as determined by the ALJ, there are no jobs that he can perform, and thus, he is entitled to an award of benefits.” The Court agreed finding that there are no jobs available for claimant and “there is no need to further delay the obvious.” The Court then reversed and remanded the case with directions for an award of benefits.

We are pleased we were able to help him get the benefits he deserved. If you live in Alabama or Georgia and your claim was recently denied by the Appeals Council, we will happily review your matter to determine if we can assist you in filing a civil action in Federal Court.