What can an Opelika, Alabama Social Security Disability Attorney do for You?

If you are like one of the many people in Opelika, Alabama and Columbus, GA suffering from a disability, you know that dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it takes a team effort. I can help you get what you deserve even if you have a Social Security Disability (SSDI/SSI) application that has been denied.

Fighting for you

The application process is one of the hardest parts of claiming a disability. Most initial applications are denied, but that isn’t the end of the story. Most applications are incomplete in some way and the missing information can be the difference between being denied or approved.

The Disability Claims Process

When people file their initial disability application, it usually takes three to four months before they hear back, and often, the application is denied. The denial causes most people to give up, but it isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

As soon as you file a disability application with the Social Security Administration, we can go on record as your Social Security attorney and begin working on your claim. The Social Security Administration contracts with the Disability Determination Service (DDS) in Alabama and the Disability Adjudication Service (DAS) in Georgia to make the initial determination. If they deny your claim, we can help.

If you receive a notice of disapproved claim on your initial disability application, we have 60 days to file a Request for Hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. Without a timely appeal, you will have to start over and may lose benefits.

An Administrative Law Judge could deny your claim after an administrative hearing, but there are still two more courses of action. First, we’ll file a Request for Review of Hearing Decision with the Appeals Council. Not only will our law firm file the appeal, we prepare a detailed brief aggressively asserting the errors contained in the ALJ’s decision. Second, if the Appeals Council denies your request for review, we can file a civil action in Federal Court. Our firm has years of experiencing representing claimants in Federal Court Social Security Appeals.

Your Alabama Social Security Disability Attorney

  • We provide you with years of experience in getting disability applications approved
  • We will help you with gathering necessary medical information for your disability claim
  • We will guide you through the process of completing applications and appeals
  • We will represent you in hearings as your case requires
  • Our consultations are FREE
  • We are only paid if we WIN your case

Getting what you deserve

Going through the process alone can result in a lost opportunity to win disability benefits. Even if you win, your claim may not receive the best possible outcome.

When dealing with SSDI and/or SSI, it’s essential that you speak with an experienced Disability attorney who will help you go through this process as easy as possible. Give our Auburn, Alabama Social Security Disability Lawyer a call today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. Take the initiative and don’t delay another day. Our Disability Attorneys (Columbus, GA) can give you the resolutions you need.  We handle disability claims throughout the states of Alabama and Georgia and would be happy to assist you.