Federal Court Remands

The Social Security Disability Lawyers of Carmichael Law Group provide representation at every level of the disability claims process.  Our disability attorneys can help you with your case as soon as you have a pending application with Social Security.  If your claim has been denied, we can also aggressively advocate on your behalf before the Social Security Administrative Law Judge and the Appeals Council.  In addition to providing administrative representation, what really sets our law firm apart from other firms that handle disability claims is that we frequently litigate denied disability claims in Federal Court.  This litigation not only allows our disability attorneys to undo flawed denials, but it gives us the opportunity to create favorable legal precedents via case law that can be used for our clients at the administrative level.

If you have received a recent unfavorable Notice of Determination from the Appeals Council, our disability lawyers would be happy to review your case to see if we would be able to assist you with an appeal to Federal Court.  We are currently filing civil actions in the following United States District Courts:  Middle District of Alabama, Middle District of Georgia, Southern District of Alabama, and Northern District of Florida.  Please review below previous favorable judgments Social Security Attorney Brian Carmichael received on behalf of his clients in Federal Court litigation.

Is Listing 12.05 still a viable theory for a Social Security Disability allowance?

Despite Social Security’s Listing 12.05 specifically dealing with Intellectual Disability, it seems more and more Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) either dismiss this listing or find ways around providing an allowance under it. The Social Security Disability Attorneys (Columbus, GA) of Carmichael Law Group LLC are pleased to report that in Turner v. Colvin, the United 

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