Bankruptcy – Addressing Your Financial Past

unclericoWhen you have large amounts of old debt you can find yourself caught between two worlds; the present where you are trying to pay your rent, utilities, car payments and other living expenses – and the past, where you are unable to pay for old debts that you are now receiving debt collection calls from.

You only have one source of income, and sometimes that simply does not allow for you to cover both the present and the past.  In the end, something has to give and you stop paying for the past so that you can live in the now.  Due to aggressive debt collectors, however, not paying for your past can become an unbearable burden due to the constant debt collection calls.

Bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make.  But sometimes it is absolutely necessary.  Filing for bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to the stress you currently feel and give you something you haven’t had in years – time to catch your breath.  The stress relief afforded by the automatic stay of the bankruptcy petition is REAL and POWERFUL.

Imagine getting your paycheck and not having to decide what bills NOT to pay.  Imagine not having a physical reaction every time your phone rings.  Imagine being able to have hope for your financial future.

Bankruptcy is not pain free.  There are real consequences to a bankruptcy filing – however they are not near as severe as many would have you believe and are minor when compared to the overwhelming stress of crushing debt.

Filing bankruptcy takes courage.  But the time has come to stop living in the past and plan a way forward.  If you are caught between your past and present bills, give us a call today for a FREE no obligation consultation to speak with one of our Bankruptcy Attorneys (Auburn, AL).