Use Your Tax Refund to Get out of Debt

taxrefundIt’s that time of year again:  Tax Refund time!  Hard work leads to taxes and if you are lucky enough to receive a tax refund of your hard earned money, the bankruptcy attorneys of Carmichael Law Group encourage you to use your refund wisely.  If you are experiencing mounting debt due to missed credit card payments or a debt collector is threatening to garnish your wages, please know there is hope for a fresh financial start.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:  Fast | Financial | Freedom 

If you are relying on the payday loan cycle or have been sued by one of your creditors, without taking action nothing changes in 2016.  Harassing phone calls and the continued threat of additional debt collection lawsuits could become your norm.  If you are not able to meet all of your financial obligations, however, now is the time to consider whether or not you could receive a Fresh Financial Start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Address Your Debt Once In For All

While using your tax refund to pay the attorney fees and filing fees to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not as glamorous as purchasing a flat-screen TV or taking a trip to the beach, it could provide peace of mind throughout 2016 and years to come due to the fresh financial start provided by the eliminate of all your unsecured debt.  Just imagine not owing ANY payday loan companies or having zero credit card debt.  Stop the cycle of crushing debt and address it by using your tax refund to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy attorneys of Carmichael Law Group offer a free no obligation consultation and would be happy to discuss the benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy as it relates to your specific financial situation.  Give us a call today at 334-737-6311 to schedule your free consultation.