ALJ Failed to Properly Refute the Treating Physician’s Medical Opinions

ssdisability1We are pleased to report in Bland v. Colvin, the Commissioner of Social Security agreed that the ALJ failed to properly refute the medical opinions expressed by the claimant’s treating physician. After the ALJ issued an unfavorable decision in which the Appeals Council upheld, we are very happy that the Commissioner finally recognized the clear error of law advanced in our brief and agreed to a joint motion to remand pursuant to sentence four. Pursuant to the Court’s Order, upon remand our client will receive a new administrative hearing where the ALJ is specifically ordered to properly evaluate the opinion evidence of record.

If you live in Alabama or Georiga and the Appeals Council has recently denied your request for review of the ALJ’s unfavorable decision, our Social Security Disability Attorneys would be delighted to review your matter to see whether or not we could help you file a civil action.  We encourage you to not give up just because the Appeals Council has denied your request for review.  Taking fast action, however, is very important because typically you only have 60 days from the Appeals Council’s notice to file a civil action.